• PYROSTAR™ ES-F is a new FDA Licensed preparation of LAL in which CM-curdlan is co-lyophilized with LAL
  • Qualitative detection of endotoxins by gel-clot or quantitative detection by kinetic Turbidimetric methods
  • KTA Sensitivity down 0.001 EU/ml, with a gel-clot range of 0.015 EU/mL to 0.25 EU/mL
  • 50µl LAL Reagent Required per Test, as low as $0.63 per Test
  • An Endotoxin-Specific LAL reagent. Does not react with β-1, 3-glucan glucan
  • Can be run on a Tube Reader or Plate Reader
  • Manufactured in FDA and cGMP certified facility in Richmond, VA

EndoLISA® Endotoxin Detection

Hetereogeneous fluorescence microplate assay using a phage-derived capture molecule for the quantitative binding and determination of endotoxins (lipopolysaccha­rides). The world's first endotoxin detection system based on ELISA-technology. A highly robust method with unprecedented salt and detergent tolerance. Developed and intended for complex sample matrices.

EndoLISA overcomes limitations of currently used methods thanks to its solid phase (in-built sample preparation) which enables the complete removal of sample matrix, especially important when testing complex matrices for avoiding interferences. In the case of e.g. vaccines (containing detergents, glucans, organic solvents, proteolytic enzymes, high salt concentration) valid spike recovery was obtained with EndoLISA even with undiluted samples, whereas LAL obtained valid spike recovery first at a dilutions above 1:1000.

EndoTrap® HD – High-Definition Endotoxin Removal


  • Best-in-class endotoxin binding capacity of > 5,000,000 EU/ml
  • Removes more than 99.99% of LPS
  • Excellent sample recovery rate >95%
  • Non-toxic bacteriophage-derived ligand, no cytotoxic effects
  • Re-use more than 10 times
  • pH sample range: 4-10
  • suitable for high salt conditions
  • suitable for e.g. TRIS, HEPES, MOPS or similar buffered samples